Monday, April 11, 2011


I FINALLY got to train as a blue belt on Friday!!!  YAY!!!!  It was the afternoon class, and of course I was late because even though we're finally done with finals, I had to go to a bunch of meetings and barely got out in time.  And then when I got there, I was the odd woman out.  I was so worn out from finals, though, that I didn't mind sitting and watching a bit.  We were working the elevator from half guard, and went over a few variations.  We did the same basic thing on Saturday, too. Starting from bottom half, protect your head with your arm from the crossface, and put one hand on their bicep.  Grab their belt around the back with the other hand.  Have your inside foot trap their leg, unhook your outside leg and use it to shrimp out.  In that space, bring in your foot, keeping the knee to the outside, making a new hook.  Now switch the bicep hand to the knee, unhook the inside leg and use it to shrimp in, bringing your hips under theirs.  Lift the outside (hooked) leg, elevating them.  From there you can continue to take them over for the sweep (catch the other leg with your hand so they don't just lock down half guard again), bring your inside leg outside to take guard, bring that leg outside to sweep them back in the direction you came from, etc.

Ever since the weather started getting nicer, I've been running at a nearby nature park for my cardio workouts.  It turns out there's going to be a trail race there in the middle of May, and I really want to do it...I just don't know if I can survive seven miles of hills!  It's the Stalk Your Quarry Trail Race, and even though I've been through it all, I don't think I've been able to do more than half at once.  At least it was the hardest half, but that still really pushed me.  I think five weeks should be enough to make it, but we'll see how the training is going closer the race.  My first clinical rotation starts in two weeks, and it's Small Animal Medicine, which I've heard has some pretty intense hours.  If I can't find the energy to train properly, then there's no sense in hurting myself trying to run it.

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