For those of you who just stumbled upon my blog for the first time, I thought I'd share a little bit about myself and my BJJ history (post-March 1).

I still train at Knox BJJ (now known as Union Martial Arts), and I got my blue belt in March 2011. 
Professor Pedro Sauer and myself, about five months post-blue

My current competition record is 2-2, and so far I have only competed once, at NAGA in Atlanta, GA.  My boyfriend Ian (who I met at KnoxBJJ) posted videos of two matches.  Of course, he missed the one I won by armbar.

I did NOT give her that black eye, but I could have broken her arm!

The majority of my time is spent at The University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, where I am currently a fourth year student.  This means that I'm done with sitting in a classroom and listening to lectures, and instead I get to play doctor in the clinics (under supervision, of course).  While this is most definitely better than the first three years of classroom studying, working in the clinic also means longer hours and a more tiring day, which leaves less time/energy for BJJ.  Plus, I'm taking the NAVLE (vet licencing exam) in December, so I need to be studying for that as well. 

That's right--I met a giraffe!

During my BJJ hiatus, I got hooked onto going to concerts.  I fell in love with some awesome bands, and even though I can't really go to concerts anymore I am still totally enamored with Madina Lake, My Chemical Romance, and The Stationary Set, just to name a few.  You should totally check them out.

Matthew Leone of Madina Lake

Additionally, I used to be a runner, and I love reading (fiction, mostly fantasy).  I have one kitten (Jack Jack, the love of my life) and one bunny (Mr. Baggins, the biggest mischief-maker ever).  I'm always available for questions, comments, criticisms, suggestions, or a chat--just e-mail me at aparna dot k dot modi at gmail dot com.