Sunday, March 11, 2012

MOVING! (online, that is)

I've had enough with Blogger.  For months, I haven't been able to get to individual post pages and the comments have been screwy.  I'm finally fed up enough to move to Wordpress.  My new home is .  There's nothing up yet, but I'll get some pages going soon.  In the meantime, if anyone knows how to migrate posts, help/suggestions would be much appreciated! 


  1. Fairly easy: there's a bit on your blogger dashboard that lets you download everything on your blog (including comments: yay!) into a single file ('export' option, can't remember where it is) which you can then import to Wordpress. Main problem is you lose your urls and any Google juice you've built up over the years.

    1. Thanks for the help! It seems like most of my 'google juice' involves the term 'unplucked eyebrows', so I don't really mind.

  2. Cool, no probs. I'm sure you're planning to do this on the blog already, but let me know what the new site url is once you have it.