Sunday, May 29, 2011

BJJ is definitely not a weekend warrior activity.

Or rather, a once-in-three-weekends activity.  I finally got back on the mats yesterday after three long weeks, and it was somewhat..uncomfortable, to say the least.  It also doesn't help that I haven't worked out at all in two weeks, and my joints were all stiff and uncomfortable.  But I had fun!  I thought I would get my ass kicked, but it wasn't so bad.  Even though I'm still paying for it now.

On another note, since it's still (sort of) spring: if you see baby bunnies or birds, LEAVE THEM ALONE, unless you can see they are visibly injured.  Their parents didn't abandon them; they're probably just waiting for YOU to leave.  You are NOT saving them when you abduct them. 

In case you can't tell, I'm currently on the Avian and Exotics rotation, which also includes wildlife.  And we get tons of babies that have absolutely nothing wrong with them, which a) decreases their chances for survival, and b) makes more unnecessary work for us.


  1. Great lesson on the baby birds and bunnies. For the longest I thought they were in trouble.

    Returns to the gym after long periods of time off are BRUTAL. I took 4 weeks off and it was as bad as starting from scratch.

  2. @MeganYeah, a lot of times people have good intentions, but they just have no idea. We usually have one of our vet techs go on the local news every spring to talk about "orphaned" (aka kidnapped) baby animals, but maybe it should be more often. And I know people just want to help, but after the fifth baby animal of the day (and it's not even the afternoon) it's easy to lose patience.