Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sure, nice sweep...

At the end of class today, we were doing some open rolling, and I was going with this one-stripe white belt.  He kept doing the patronizing, "nice sweep" or nice this or that...and then, when he "swept" me, actually said *mumble mumble* "nice sweep!"  Oh, and then he let me cross choke him.  So kind of him. 

I'm not sure I've ever had to deal with this kind of thing before, or at least not for awhile.  Honestly, it was just really weird.  Like, dude...I have rank on you.  Don't patronize me, and there's no need to compliment EVERY move, because then it makes you sound like a douche.  Especially when you talk about your own moves.  Also, throwing me across the mat because I'm half your size...not a sweep.  However, I heard that last week he came in with a big attitude problem, so at least he seems to be much improved from that class.  


  1. ROTFLOL, complimenting his own moves?! Now that's funny!

    I have a guy who's now a blue belt who used to "compliment" me during rolling all the time; I called him Condescending White/Blue Belt. He always said "Nice" in a way that sounded like he had "let" me have that pass/sweep/whatever, though he was fighting as hard as he could the whole time. He would always Hulk out if I was too close to a submission; he never "let" me have any of those. :P

    He's actually better now (though it took him close to a year after getting his blue belt), and his "Nice!" comes out sounding like "Holy crap, I couldn't stop that!"

  2. last night one of our blues did the same thing. I don't mind it here and there if it's an advanced move but jesus it was every other transition. Nice sweep, nice recovery...and then the final straw was everytime i'd get close to submitting him he'd go "no,no,no,no,no,no" as if it'd be the end of the world to be triangled or armbarred by me.

  3. Lame!!! Just do it back to him! =)

  4. @Jessica I would except I haven't seen him back since...