Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Call me crazy?

...but I'm thinking about running the Knoxville Marathon in April.  This isn't entirely random, as I was a cross country runner in high school, and ran a half marathon in undergrad.  However, I haven't been running at all since the spring when I wanted to do a trail race in town (the timing of the race didn't work out), but while I was training I felt really good about running.  Ideally, I should have been running all summer, but I think if I start now my body should be able to handle it. 

Things to consider:
1) Do I have the time to actually do it?  Clinics not only takes up time when I'm actually there, but also time when I get home--reading up on the next day's cases, finishing up that day's paperwork, and then studying for boards.  However, of all things to do, running should be the easiest thing to slip into a schedule.  I can do it completely on my own time.

2) Do I have the energy?  Today I came home and kind of...crashed.  Maybe giving myself a real training schedule will force me to not crash right when I get home.

3) Will it take away from BJJ too much?  I'm only training once a week as it is, so it really shouldn't, especially if I go to class Saturday morning and count that as one of my "cross training" days.  Part of the reason I'm worried about this is because of the last time I "quit" BJJ.  I wasn't even training that often, just four times a week.  But the commute left me exhausted, and my grades were starting to do downhill, so I chose to take a break and instead trained for a half-marathon.  That "break" lasted almost four years, and I don't want that to happen again. 

4) Can my body actually handle it?  I did cross country, but had injuries almost every season--shin splints, bad knees, a torn medial just never ended.  But I'm not training hardcore, every single day, the way I was then. 

All the evidence points to me going for it.  Someone tell me I'm forgetting something and convince me that this is a bad idea...

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