Monday, August 8, 2011

Calling all ladies!

Ok, so I guess I should have posted this a week ago.

ATTENTION EAST TENNESSEE LADIES!  Knoxville Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is proud to introduce its brand new Ladies-only BJJ class, held every Saturday morning from 10-11:15 AM.  It is taught by Jessica Martin, a Fabio Santos brown belt from San Diego.  ALL are welcome to attend, even if you train at other schools.  I'm not sure yet about pricing, but we should know more by this weekend and I'll post that info as soon as I know.  Not a lady?  Not near Knoxville?  Tell your friends! Visit the Knoxville BJJ website, Facebook page, or call at 865-951-1392 for more information.

Next, this time in the category of "That actually happened to me": I got recognized at Kroger from my blog.  I was wearing my UT College of Veterinary Medicine scrub top (brown, so the cow poop stains don't show as much) and somebody just came up to me and asked if I was The Grappling Vet!  (Hi, Rebecca!)  I never thought I would get recognized from my blog.  That was pretty cool, AND I found someone in Knoxville who is almost my exact weight!

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  1. That's awesome. I always get grapply questions in the grocery store because I am almost always stopping on the way home from class, so I'm sweaty, bedraggled, in gi pants and a tshirt with my academy (or something about fighting) on it... worst was when I talked to a mom and her two tween-age sons and my tshirt said in huge letters "FIGHTING SOLVES EVERYTHING!" I felt like a bad role model :)