Monday, March 7, 2011

BJJ 3/7/11

I meant to do weights this morning.  That didn't really happen, as I was busy studying for my exam this morning (It was only 24 short it made me a little nervous, but oh well).  Also, one of my coaches felt my shoulder on Saturday and said I had a small tear and needed to stop the upper-body workouts until it healed, but squats and deadlifts should be ok. 

Class today started with a drill doing breakfalls using a partner who was doing takedowns.  Then we went into escapes from bottom cross side, going to the knees.  Remember to use the inside forearm to post on the hip, and the other arm hooking under the arm, palm facing up to the ceiling and pushing their body up (off you/higher up on you, freeing your hips).  Suck the bottom shoulder in when you shrimp, move one foot at a time (don't keep them too wide apart in my case), and if all else fails, thread the arm through when the leg gets threaded through.  I definitely jacked up my shoulders trying to drill this ...and my training partner only had 15 pounds on me =\  Being waif-like really needs to end.  Like now.  Paris and I practiced some of the self-defense stuff for the belt test.

And, AND, I finally got my package from Amazon today!  I ordered The New Rules of Lifting for Abs, on Leslie's recommendation.  It's really not about abs--it's more about building a strong core, with abs being a bonus if they pop up.  Lots of static stabilization work and weight work with uneven loads.  There was nothing (on purpose) that involves spinal flexion, although in one small section they said that fighters/martial artists are one of the few groups of athletes that need it, so I guess I can't eliminate that stuff altogether.  I also got an immersion blender so I can finally try making some blended soups (and for easier smoothies). 

Here's to hoping I can get up early enough tomorrow morning to hit the gym before class. 

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