Friday, March 4, 2011

Lifting, 3/4/11

I finally braved "the boys' room" at my school's gym today, aka the area with the barbells.  They didn't stare at me like I was an alien, and were pretty cool when I needed help figuring out how to adjust a rack (I don't use all this fancy equipment!).  Anyways, I did squats (55 lbs), deadlifts (85), shoulder press (40), and bent-over rows with dumb bells (15 lbs each arm).  Also attempted some pull-ups when I walked in (2), and 30-lb kettlebell swings.  I started with some light weights, because it's been awhile since I've lifted for real and I just wanted to focus on keeping my form.  Of course, I probably didn't, but at least it's a start.  I e-mailed Leslie after I finished for some advice, and got a great response super fast.  I hope I can make some progress before competition, but even if I don't, I'm just happy I'm lifting again.


  1. Good exercises chosen.

    Maybe split the workout in half, by having the squats and the deadlifts on different days. This will let you go a little heavier with both (building muscle) without completely frying yourself.

    What you may want to do is to walk up to the big skilled higher belt squatting a lotta weight and ask him for help. I know that's stepping way outside comfort zones and you're probably already doing that (kudos for that, by the way). If he's knowledgeable and doesn't set off your BS meter, you'll benefit quicker.

    A guess: Isn't Brent Weedman at your school? I've interviewed him before and found him hilarious/really good at what he does. He's also a vegan, I think. If I'm right about your school, I've had a seminar with your teacher when he came up north and he's just fantastic.

    Black eyed beans and chickpeas will be your friends. I'm Hindu too, but my restrictions are beef-based only.

  2. @Tree Frog That's a lot to process. Thanks for all the advice!!

    Just to clarify: I meant the gym at my university, not my BJJ school, so all the guys there are undergrads who I don't know. My BJJ school doesn't really have much equipment for what I want to do--more kettlebells and dumbbells. And the university gym is really nice.

    I don't know a Brent Weedman, so I'm not sure where you think I train--if you don't want to mention it here, you can shoot me an e-mail at aparna . k . modi @ gmail . com (take out the spaces). I train at KnoxBJJ in Knoxville, TN (more about that in my first post:

  3. My apologies, I thought you were at Soneca's school.

  4. @Tree Frog That's ok...I think KnoxBJJ used to be in the Wolf Clan facility, which I've heard is rather luscious.

  5. Brent Weedman is a Helio Soneca student not a KBJJ Student

  6. Wolfclans gym is unreal and comes included with BJJ classes

  7. @SonecaBJJ Thanks, I think we sorted that out in Tree Frog's last post.

  8. @Anonymous I've heard the facilities there are really amazing. Luckily for me, though, I can use UT's facilities as part of my tuition, which are rather impressive as well (except for when guys are hogging the power racks...).